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What sets Plastic Surgery Affiliates apart from the myriad of other cosmetic surgery centers is the simple plan of being able to offer to patients a complex and varied approach to solving any cosmetic problem. 

Dr. Alani is trained in multiple specialties,  he is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has completed an individual fellowship in cosmetic surgery.  This broad based background which addresses and covers training in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery, along with their superior credentials, allows them to draw from their collective experience in treating the cosmetic surgery patient.

As a full service cosmetic surgery practice, Plastic Surgery Affiliates strive to make everything available to their patients.  Not relying on any one particular paradigm or procedure to address a problem, they use multiple lasers to combat the signs of aging manifested in lines and wrinkles.  Few surgical practices have at their disposal the C02 laser, erbium laser and Versapulse C laser which allows not only the eradication of facial aging, but is used in the treatment of spider veins, facial veins, birthmarks and tattoo removal.  The Lightseer Diode laser is used for the best results in hair removal. “We do more laser than anybody,”  says Dr. Alani, remarking on the number of laser procedures available at the center.

In addition to surgical privileges at Providence Hospital and Huron Valley / Sinai Hospital, the group is also able to perform many surgical procedures at their in-house surgical site.

Aside from the self-evident accumulation of experience and prestigious board certifications, Dr. Alani reflects on the more primary evaluations of himself and his colleagues when he says, “When people come in to us, they like us.  We do every aspect of plastic surgery and we do it well.”

This confidence in themselves, their work, and in the atmosphere they create by being responsible and accountable to the patient serves them well.  And to the prospective patient, it’s a bonus and a guarantee.

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