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PLINK - Plastic Surgery Link

What's the world of Plastic Surgery? It's the relation between patients and doctors; problems and possibilities; questions and answers; diagnosis and treatment. The logo of the PLink shows this relation, two half circles with the interaction of diagnosis and treatment in the middle the solution, the end result: the world of plastic surgery. In this website we try to create an artificial separation between these groups, patients, doctors and all that's in between.

American Medical Association

The AMA is much more than an organization of physicians. We are the patient's advocate and the physician's voice. Our members are the men and women who work every day to care for patients and save lives. By choosing AMA membership, they have expressed their commitment to medicine and professionalism. Visit here to learn more about our dedicated leaders and staff, as well as our illustrious history.

Wellness Web "The Patience's Network"

Readers Digest Health

ReadersDigestHealth provides the information you need to achieve optimal wellness. In this era of ten-minute doctors' appointments and conflicting medical headlines, you can use RDHealth as a valuable tool to manage your health. From information on medical conditions to the latest thinking on alternative remedies, we cull through the research, check out the trends, and develop accurate, useful information so that you have the knowledge to lose weight, reduce stress, eat better, sleep better, and make other improvements to your overall wellbeing.

Always a Woman "Women Worldwide Helping Each Other"

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PLink - "The Plastic Surgery Link"

American Medical Association

Wellness Web

Readers Digest Health

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