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The Physicians of Plastic Surgery Affiliates are all highly trained experts.

As plastic and reconstructive surgeons, the focus is on all aspects of cosmetic surgery, breast reconstruction, and hand surgery. Additional areas of expertise include laser facial resurfacing, laser spider vein treatment, and laser hair removal.

We are proud of our on-site operating and recovery rooms. These rooms are equipped with the latest medical equipment and are able to handle any emergency that may occur. With on-site operating rooms, we can perform most surgeries in the office, thus reducing expenses incurred by our patients while maintaining expert, quality treatment. Our office is staffed with highly qualified support personnel. Registered nurses, anesthesia specialists, and skin care and make up professionals are all trained to help you with your specific needs.

Whether your interest is plastic, reconstructive, cosmetic, laser or hand surgery, Dr. Alani offers the highest level of expertise.


Face Lifts
Deep Plane Face Lift
Endoscopic Face Lift

Lip Augmentation

Eyelid Surgery


Breast Surgery


Hand Surgery

Endoscopic Forehead Surgery